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1 Ounce Silver Round - WILHELM TELL- The Story of the Crossbowman - Medieval Legends - 2022 BU

1 Ounce Silver Round - WILHELM TELL-  The Story of the Crossbowman - Medieval Legends - 2022 BU 1 Ounce Silver Round - WILHELM TELL-  The Story of the Crossbowman - Medieval Legends - 2022 BU
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 1 Ounce Silver Round - WILHELM TELL - Medieval Legends

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Silver Round - No Currency - 2022 - BU
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1 oz = 31,1 g .999 Silber - Silver
Series Medieval Legends

The obverse side of the Silver Medieval Legends William Tell Round comes with a stunning depiction of William Tells greatest feat. Here, he is seen just after he successfully strikes an apple off his own sons head. He manages to do so without harming his son as the townspeople look on. Inscriptions on this side include only WILLIAM TELL.

On the reverse field of the 1 oz Silver William Tell Round, you will find the common design element of the series. In this design, a table setting in a Medieval castle gives away clues as to who all is featured in this series. Each relic on the table represents a different figure in the Medieval Legends Series, which includes the famous apple that Tell shot off his son’s head. Inscriptions read ONE TROY OUNCE 999 FINE SILVER.

Series Medieval Legends 

The Medieval Legends Series has already featured some of the most popular folk heroes and legendary figures from European history. Now, another comes to us in the form of the new William Tell release. The legendary folk hero of Switzerland, William Tell inspired the Swiss to stand up to Austrian invasions.

Wilhelm Tell

You are certainly familiar with William Tell - the story of the crossbowman from Uri who murders the tyrant Gessler is known far beyond the cantonal and national borders. But what is the story all about? Did Tell really live, or is it all just a legend?

The Tell Story

The inhabitants of the valleys of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden (today Obwalden and Nidwalden) were owned by King Albrecht. The imperial bailiffs Landenberg and Gessler sent by him tyrannised the people in the most terrible way. But the inhabitants of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden did not just stand idly by: three men, Walter Fürst of Uri, Werner Stauffacher of Schwyz and Arnold Melchthal from Unterwalden, and ten friends of each, gathered on the Rütli and swore to win back freedom for their fatherland. Thus was born the League of Original Cantons in 1291.

Gessler was not unaware of the general grumbling. In order to see the seeds of discontent spring up somewhere, he had a pole erected on the village square in Altdorf with a hat pinned to the top: everyone was to pay the same homage to this hat as Gessler himself and bow to it. This was how he wanted to underline his claim to power. But Wilhelm Tell, a conservative fellow countryman from Bürglen, refused to do so. Gessler then ordered him to shoot an apple off his son Walter's head with an arrow from his crossbow - or die. Tell passed the test and shot the apple off Walterli's head without hurting him.

Gessler, however, noticed a second arrow in Tell's quiver, and when asked what it meant, Tell replied: "With this arrow I would pierce you if I had hit my dear child". Gessler then had him bound and taken to his ship. But a terrible storm breaks out at sea. The oarsmen ask Gessler for Tell's help, who guides the ship safely. Near the shore, Tell suddenly jumps out of the ship onto a protruding rocky plateau, where Tell's chapel in Sisikon now stands, and flees over the Axenberg and along the Rigi to Küssnacht, where he lies in wait for his enemy Gessler in the Hohlen Gasse. At this point Tell shoots the bailiff Gessler with an arrow from his crossbow. Tell's deeds quickly became known throughout the country and strengthened the movement for freedom and independence in the original part of Switzerland.



Special features: edieval Legends

Motive: WILHELM TELL-The Story of the Crossbowman - Medieval Legends -

Country of origin: USA

Mint: Elemetal Mint

Weight: 1 oz = 31,1 g .999 Silber

Diameter: 40,00 mm

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