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1 ounce copper Round - TRISTAN and ISOLDE - Eternal Love - Medieval Legends series - 2023 BU

1 ounce copper Round - TRISTAN and ISOLDE - Eternal Love - Medieval Legends series - 2023 BU 1 ounce copper Round - TRISTAN and ISOLDE - Eternal Love - Medieval Legends series - 2023 BU
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1 oz Copper Round - TRISTAN & ISOLDE -
Medieval Legends - Delivery Loose !

Technische Daten Coin Data

Copper Round - No denomination - 2023 - BU - Issue 5
Mint : various US mints
Delivery in Loose !
1 oz = 31.1 g .999 copper - Copper
Series Legends of the Middle Ages - Medieval Legends

In the obverse design of the Medieval Legends Tristan and Isolde Copper Round, you will find a depiction of the titular characters. Here, the two figures are shown on a terrace with shrubs and a tree in the background. A shirtless Tristan is on bended knee as he reaches for his love, Isolde.

For the reverse field of the 1 oz Tristan and Isolde Copper Round, the series continues with its common reverse design. Here, a humble table setting offers a glimpse to the keen observer of the designs featured in this series. Each relic on the table represents a different tale from popular Folklore.

Die Legenden des Mittelalters 

Tristan & Isolde - Issue 5 - Eternal Love

The love story of Tristan and Isolde is one that has been told since the 12th century. Though countless versions of the story have been told over the centuries, the one that has remained most popular casts Tristan as a Cornish knight and Isolde as an Irish princess betrothed to another man.

A love for eternity

The love story of Tristan and Isolde is a legend whose origins go back to before the 12th century. Many poets and musical artists have taken it up and adapted it. The most famous version was written by the poet Gottfried von Strassburg, who lived at the end of the 12th to the beginning of the 13th century.
Tristan was a handsome, educated and brave knight. In order to protect his uncle Marke, the King of Cornwall, from the interest usury of Morolt, a brother-in-law of the Irish King, he engaged the latter in battle and killed him. In the process, he himself was wounded by the latter's poisoned sword.
Only the Irish queen Isolde had a magic remedy to heal Tristan's wound. Therefore, he sought her out and pretended to be the minstrel Tantris. The queen took the young man to her heart and asked him to teach her daughter, also named Isolde, music and courtly manners.
When Tristan finally returned home cured, his uncle Marke appointed him his heir. This aroused the envy of court society. They urged Marke to send Tristan back to the Irish court to woo the young king's daughter on his behalf.
Mother and daughter Isolde recognized the minstrel and by now also knew who he was and that he had killed Morolt. But young Isolde had fallen in love with him. Therefore, she agreed to his courtship and followed him to his uncle Marke.

On the way, they both accidentally drank the love potion that a confidante had intended for Marke and Isolde. Now the mutual desire for love became overpowering. With heavy hearts and aware of their betrayal of Marke, they surrendered to their love after a brief reluctance.
Arriving at Marke's court, the two tried to conceal their relationship. On their wedding night, they tricked the king by having the confidante and servant who had prepared the love potion take Isolde's place.

Soon, however, it became clear to Marke that Isolde did not love him, but Tristan. Since he was still fond of his nephew, he ordered him to leave the country together with Isolde. Tristan then moved with his beloved to a paradise-like wilderness, where he had found a circular cave made of the most precious rock during a hunt. They made it into a cozy "lovers' cave" and spent a time of untroubled happiness there.

One day Marke and his followers went hunting in the nearby woods and came across the cave of love. There he found Tristan and Isolde lying side by side on a bed. But Tristan had noticed the approach of the hunting party and put a sword between himself and Isolde. This was considered a sign that there was no physical relationship between the couple resting on the bed. Marke was ready to believe that Isolde had not betrayed him and invited the two back to his Castle.

Special features: Series Medieval Legends

Motive: Tristan & Isolde Legenden des Mittelalters -Medieval Legends

Country of origin: USA

Mint: Elemetal Mint

Weight: 1 oz = 31,1 g .999 Copper

Diameter: 40,00 mm

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