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2 oz Sierra Leone 2023 Proof - OSIRIS God of DEATH - 20$ - Egyptian God series - Mintage 200 !

2 oz Sierra Leone 2023  Proof - OSIRIS God of DEATH  - 20$ - Egyptian God series - Mintage 200 ! 2 oz Sierra Leone 2023  Proof - OSIRIS God of DEATH  - 20$ - Egyptian God series - Mintage 200 ! 2 oz Sierra Leone 2023  Proof - OSIRIS God of DEATH  - 20$ - Egyptian God series - Mintage 200 !
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2 oz - OSIRIS - Sierra Leone 2023 Proof Color
Gods of Egypt - 20 $
Edition - Mintage 200 - Mint original packaging

The design features an image of the Egyptian God of Death OSIRIS and his name in hieroglyphics appearing in a rectangle. The design in the background features typical Egyptian decoration with hieroglyphics.

The obverse of the coin features the Coat of Arms of Sierra Leone

250 Years since Birth of Dr. Thomas Young

Thomas Young was a British polymath and physician. Young has made notable scientific contributions in the areas of vision, light, solid mechanics, energy, physiology, language, musical harmony, and Egyptology. He made many original and enjoyable innovations in the interpretation of Egyptian hieroglyphs (especially Rosetta Stone) before expanding on his work by Jean-Francois Champollion. William Herschel, Hermann von Helmholtz, James Clerk Maxwell and Albert Einstein used to mention them. Young is described as “The Last Man Who Knew Everything”.

Technische Daten - Coin Data

Sierra Leone - 2023 - Reverse Frosted Proof - 20 $
2 oz = 62,2 g .999 Silver
Theme : Egyptian Gods
Obverse : Coat of Arms Sierra Leone

Delivery in Original Packaging
Limited Mintage 200


Osiris - Gods of Ancient Egypt

- the god of the dead
- also : Chontamenti, i.e. "the one who presides over the Westerners".
- ruler of the realm of the dead
- chairman of the court of the dead

Osiris is one of the most important and fascinating gods of Ancient Egypt.
For example, Osiris was depicted as a mummified human with a crook, a scourge and an Atef crown. His skin was colored either green/black or white. Where green/black stood for the fertility of the Nile and white was the color of mummification. Especially in classical antiquity, his cult, along with that of Isis, was widespread not only in Egypt but over much of the Mediterranean. Osiris is a god of the dead. As such, he is the ruler of the realm of the dead. He stands for the regeneration and rebirth of all life. He is responsible for deciding in the court of the dead whether a person may enter the afterlife or is condemned to eternal non-being. Originally a vegetation god, his attributes were extended to all aspects of rebirth.
As judge, Osiris presided over the court of the dead, where the deceased had to place his heart on the scales, and these could not be heavier than the other scales containing the feather of Maat. Only, who had led a good and set life, was allowed to live on eternally as a "justified one" in the realm of Osiris.

In connection with this is the observation of the regeneration of the plant world after the dry season and Nile flood: one buries (sows) the seed from which new life arises (rebirth).Depicted he is mummy-shaped and wrapped in white linen. His skin is either green or black. The green color represents the regeneration of vegetation. The black color for the fertile soil of the farmland in the river valley, from which vegetation sprouts. On his head he wears the Atef crown, a white crown with two large feathers. In his hands he holds the insignia of rule of a pharaoh. He is often accompanied by the goddesses Isis and Nephthys, sometimes by the four sons of Horus: Kebehsenuef, Duamutef, Amset and Hapi. To illustrate the aspect of the regeneration of the plant world, there are also the representations of the grain Osiris. He lies mummy-shaped on the ground - and from his body new vegetation grows.
An important epithet of Osiris is Chontamenti, i.e. "he who presides over the Westerners". With the "westerners" the dead are meant, whose patron is the god of the dead Osiris. In the mythology the god Seth stands opposite him. Both are brothers. Both are children of the sky goddess Nut and the earth god Geb. But Osiris and Seth are hostile to each other. Osiris, according to mythology, once ruled over people as a just ruler. In this capacity, he taught them the forms of agriculture. In contrast, the god Seht stood for chaos and desert. One day Seth slew Osiris and scattered the body parts over the land. But Isis was able to collect the parts and put them back together.
Thanks to her magic, Osiris could be resurrected to life. But this life was limited to the underworld, where he lived henceforth as the ruler of the afterlife.The main cult sites of Osiris are Abydos in Upper Egypt and Busiris in Lower Egypt. In Abydos the Osiris mysteries were celebrated.

Special features: Gods of Old Egypt 1. Isis 2. Osiris

Motive: Goddesses ISIS Goddess of Life and Death

Country of origin: Sierra Leone Africa

Nominal value: 20 $

Mint: Pobjoy Mint

Quality: PROOF Color

Issue: 2023

Weight: 2 oz = 62,2 g .999 Silber

Packaging: Lieferung in Originalkapsel der Mint - Delivery in Original Capsule from Mint

Edition: 200

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