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Austria 10 Euro With the Language of the Flowers - The Dandelion - 2022 Copper .999

Austria 10 Euro With the Language of the Flowers - The Dandelion - 2022 Copper .999 Austria 10 Euro With the Language of the Flowers - The Dandelion - 2022 Copper .999
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Austria 10 Euro With the Language of the Flowers - The Dandelion - 2022 Copper .999

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SERIEs : With the language of Flowers - The Dandelion     

 Mintage 30.000  -  All Issues in Copper & Special Uncirculated Coin Card

 Artikelno. ATS223006 Proof Silver  -- ATS223007 HGH Coin Card  

Technische Daten :

- Austria - Mint of Austria -  2022 - 10 Euro - Uncirculated Copper

- 15 g .999 Copper 

- Comes without packaging

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 This idea is beautifully illustrated on the coin’s obverse in the shape of a young woman with flowers in her hair blowing dandelion seeds. Next to an ornamental side image of a dandelion, the coin’s reverse features an imprint of a real dandelion with open and closed Flowers.

The second coin in the Language of Flowers series is dedicated to a plant that divides public opinion. For some the dandelion is just an annoying weed, while for others it is the most underappreciated of plants. Whichever side of the debate you are on, the dandelion is undoubtedly one of the most joyful signs that winter is over and spring has arrived.

Flowers have been used to convey messages since time immemorial. Whether it is feelings of love, longing and friendship, congratulations or condolences, the language of flowers is used all over the world and in all generations. 

The coin

The value side of the coin Dandelion shows a young woman, whose face is framed by flowing and flowered hair. Her eyes half closed, she blows away dandelion seeds. The other side shows dandelion flowers, two open, one closed, surrounded by serrated leaves.

Impressions of a real dandelion were used for the coin, so the plant resembles its real model to the smallest detail.

Behind the plants there is a band of stylized dandelion ornaments.

A flower is more than a flower. For centuries, people in various cultural circles used the language of flowers to convey a message. Flowers acted as messengers to reveal thoughts, feelings and declarations of intent. Secret, forbidden or unspeakable things were often literally transmitted through the flower. Not only the messages of the plants, but also the technique with which the beauty of nature finds its way onto our coins will inspire. This series presents flower coins of incomparable beauty. For the coin images were used imprints of real plants, so they perfectly resemble their real models.


THE Dandelion ( buttercup, cowflower ) - miracle herb instead of weed

The dandelion - also buttercup or cowflower - is probably one of the best known and most common wild herbs and is rich in bitters. For a long time a recognized medicinal herb and helps, among other things, against liver and bile complaints. However, dandelion can also be used in the kitchen to prepare many delicious dishes.

In fact, dandelion is a real miracle herb that regulates digestion, takes care of the liver and gall bladder, helps with rheumatism and kidney stones, and can be used as an all-round tonic for any problem.

Dandelion has many healing properties and effects. For this purpose, it can be used in the form of salad, tea, plant juice, fresh plant press juice or dandelion root extract.

Incidentally, the inflorescence in dandelion is called a false flower, which means that several flowers give the appearance that there is only one flower. In the case of the dandelion, between 200 and 300 individual yellow ray florets form such a false Flower.
Dandelion is one of the first plants to show up in the spring and among the last to disappear in the fall; it is a reliable life source for bees when little else is in bloom. Rabbits, birds, deer and pigs like to eat it.

At fruiting maturity, the yellow ray florets develop into so-called achene fruits, which in close-up are equipped with a flying umbrella (also called a pappus). This equipment allows the black, elongated seeds to spread easily with the wind Since the flying umbrellas can be easily detached from the flower head by blowing, this condition of the dandelion is also called blowing Flower. 

Special features: coin comes in Coin Card

Motive: With the language of Flowers - The Dandelion

Country of origin: Austria

Nominal value: 10 Euro

Mint: Austrian Mint

Quality: Uncirculated

Issue: 2022

Weight: 15 g Copper

Fineness: Copper 999

Diameter: Ø 32,0 mm

Edition: 130.000 pieces

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