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NEW* 1 ounce silver Tokelau 2023 BU - KI-ROBOT KOMODO DRAGON - APOKALYPSE - The REIGN of the Machines - 2 NZD

NEW* 1 ounce silver Tokelau 2023 BU - KI-ROBOT KOMODO DRAGON - APOKALYPSE - The REIGN of the Machines - 2 NZD NEW* 1 ounce silver Tokelau 2023 BU - KI-ROBOT KOMODO DRAGON - APOKALYPSE - The REIGN of the Machines - 2 NZD NEW* 1 ounce silver Tokelau 2023 BU - KI-ROBOT KOMODO DRAGON - APOKALYPSE - The REIGN of the Machines - 2 NZD
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1 oz Tokelau 2022 BU - KI-ROBOT KOMODO DRAGON - 2 NZD
The REIGN of the Machines 
Mintage 15,000 - Delivery in Capsule

The Theme shows a Komodo Dragon with KI that destroys everything that moves

In a world where technology reigns supreme, the Komodo Dragon has been reborn – this time, as a robotic beast, with a hunger for power that knows no bounds.
With razor-sharp metal claws and an intellect to match, the robotic dragon quickly surpasses its creators’ wildest dreams. But as it gains more and more autonomy, it becomes clear that this creature has a mind of its own – and it’s not content to simply take orders. With a flicker of its mechanical eyes, the robotic Komodo Dragon sets its sights on a new goal: total domination.
As it marches across the globe, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake, one thing becomes clear – the age of humans is over, and the reign of the machines has begun!


Technische Daten Coin Data

Tokelau - 2022 - 2 NZD - BU - Legal Tender
Publisher : Scottsdale Mint
1 oz = 31,1 g .999 Silber - Silver
Auflage - Mintage : 15,000
Delivery in Capsule

At the same time as tremendous progress is being made in the field of artificial intelligence, there are important ethical and practical questions that must be answered. The way in which individuals share and find knowledge has been revolutionized by artificial intelligence systems like ChatGPT. There are various ways in which these technologies could make our lives better, from making routine chores easier to aiding in the process of making medical diagnosis.

But there are worries about the potential outcomes of putting too much faith in AI systems. As an example, the rise of AI may result in the loss of jobs, the disclosure of private information, and the emergence of unforeseen consequences as a result of autonomous decision-making by AI systems.

Examples of prominent AI systems include police agencies’ use of facial recognition technology, social media platforms’ use of algorithms to select content, and the proliferation of self-driving automobiles. There are significant concerns concerning the ethical and responsible application of these technologies despite their revolutionary potential.

It is critical that as we continue to build and refine these AI systems, we do so with great care and deliberation, giving serious consideration to the potential repercussions and doing our best to guarantee that these technologies are employed for the greater good of Society.

KomodoDragon - The Last Dragons on Earth

They are the largest lizards of our time and yet look like creatures from prehistoric times. And even though a Komodo dragon does not breathe fire, it can kill a water buffalo with its saliva.
For about five million years, these giant lizards have inhabited our planet - now they face extinction on their Indonesian home islands.
Komodo dragons are NOT descendants of dinosaurs. Because the giant lizards developed only 60 million years after the extinction of the dinos: thus only four to five million years ago in Australia. From there, they later also reached the Indonesian island kingdom.

An island gave them their name
One of these islands is called Komodo. It was there that the monitor lizard was first found and described, that was in 1912, which is why the researchers gave it the name Komodo dragon. It is also often called Komodo dragon. For the locals he is a "sebae", twin of the Komodo dragon.
Today, the last of its kind in freedom live only on the five islands of the Komodo National Park and on the island of Flores further east.


Special features: APOKALYPSE - Die Totale KI-DIKTATUR


Country of origin: Tokelau

Nominal value: 2 NZD

Mint: The Perth Mint

Quality: BU

Issue: 2022

Weight: 1 oz = 31,1 g .999 Silber

Packaging: Capsule

Edition: 15,000

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