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NEW* 1 ounce silver Tuvalu 2023 - ARTEMIS Goddess of Hunting - GODS of OLYMPUS - 1 AUD - Issue 8

NEW* 1 ounce silver Tuvalu 2023 - ARTEMIS Goddess of Hunting -  GODS of OLYMPUS - 1 AUD - Issue 8 NEW* 1 ounce silver Tuvalu 2023 - ARTEMIS Goddess of Hunting -  GODS of OLYMPUS - 1 AUD - Issue 8
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Available from: 31.10.2023 (Pre-order is possible)


1 oz Tuvalu 2023 ANTIQUE FINISH - ARTEMIS - 1 AUD


Prägestätte/Publisher Perth Mint Australien - 1 AUD
Auflage - Mintage 1,500  Mint-Original-Kapsel/Capsule
1 oz = 31,1 g .999 Silber / Antique Finish

Zeus Poseidon Hades Aphrodite Athena Hera 2023 Ares ARTEMIS

The 8th Issue from Series " GODS of OLYMPUS "Shows ARTEMIS Goddess of Hunting

The reverse presents the Ian Rank Broadley portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, as well as the year, denomination, weight and fineness of the coin


is the Greek goddess of hunting, the forest, birth and the moon, as well as the guardian of women and children. She is one of the twelve Olympian deities of Greek mythology. As the daughter of Zeus, the father of the gods, and Leto, the Titaness, she is the twin sister of Apollo. Her Roman counterpart is the goddess Diana.

The birth of Artemis was not under good omens. Because no one less than the goddess Hera wanted to prevent the birth. Zeus' wife was very jealous and after she had learned that Leto was pregnant by Zeus and according to Hera's grandmother (Gaia) Leto's children would be more powerful than her own with Zeus, she wanted to prevent the birth at all costs. First she sent the monster Python to devour Leto. However, Zeus knew how to prevent this. After this plan failed, Hera turned to her daughter Eileithyia, the goddess of birth. Eileithyia was not to assist in the birth, so that Leta almost threatened to burst.

Fortunately, the other gods were on Leto's side and bribed Eileithyia with a necklace that Hephaestus had forged. Thus Leto was finally able to give birth to her twins Apollo and Artemis. She was taken to the island of Delos, which Poseidon made appear, and Hermes took Leto to it. Here she lay in labor for nine days until, under a palm tree, she gave birth first to Artemis and then, with her help, to Apollo. The Kurets, nine-headed demons, are said to have made such a noise during this time that Hera could not hear Leto's screams during the contractions.

Special features: Serie GÖTTER des OLYMP - GODS of OLYMPUS Zeus Poseidon Hades Aphrodite Athena Hera 2023 Ares

Motive: Goddess of Hunting - ARTEMIS

Country of origin: Tuvalu

Nominal value: 1 AUD

Mint: The Perth Mint


Issue: 2023

Weight: 1 oz = 31,14 g .999 Silber

Packaging: Delivery in Original Capsule from Mint

Edition: 1,500

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